Customer Service Begins and Ends with the Customer

Dave Kimble, Owner/CEO, Answer Aide
Dave Kimble, Owner/CEO, <a href='' rel='nofollow' target='_blank' style='color:blue !important'>Answer Aide</a>

Dave Kimble, Owner/CEO, Answer Aide

Seven years ago, I owned a landscaping company. At first, I was a one-man shop so I obviously couldn’t be available to answer the phone at all times. Wanting to provide excellent service to my customers, and attract new ones, I hired an answering service. I hired several different ones actually because I couldn’t find one that provided good service. They were all generic call centers, some worked out of the country. Sometimes they didn’t even answer the call. Because the representatives didn’t know my business, when they did get to a call in time, they couldn’t answer the most basic questions. I was losing business because of it.

As a result, Answer Aide was born six months later. I identified a need. A need for customers to be able to reach a company's representative on the first attempt. The need for customers to feel as if their time is respected and that their business is appreciated. This isn't rocket science, but somehow customer service, the importance of customer contact, has fallen to the wayside and forgotten by most companies.

For over six years, Answer Aide has been a centralized solution for 24/7/365 live answering services and business process outsourcing services. We have developed a modern solution to an age-old problem for businesses nationwide. We help your business by connecting with your customers…anytime, anywhere, in any way they need. Understanding that every business is different with unique needs, Answer Aide offers customized packages for every business stage or challenge you are faced with. From providing startups with quick, practical solutions to keep their business moving forward to improving efficiency and off-time solutions for large-scale enterprises, making every contact count is our mission.

Some of our offerings include:

 Customer service outsourcing is designed to utilize third-party service providers to manage communications and interactions between the company and customers 

Answering Services

Quality call answering services help increase your sales while reducing your overhead cost. Within an instant gratification marketplace, when a customer or potential client calls, they expect their call to be answered and the person on the other end to have the answers to their questions. Missed calls are missed opportunities, and bad-quality calls lose potential business. We have a team of trained and educated professionals on your specific business needs to ensure caller satisfaction.

Live Virtual Receptionist

Make your customer’s first impression count. Your brand is your best asset. Whenever customers interact with your business, their experience determines whether your brand gains or loses value in their minds. Answer Aides' live virtual receptionist will ensure that your customers have a positive experience when they contact your business. 99% of the time, our customers are not even aware that they are talking to a virtual receptionist and not an employee located in the office. They answer all calls promptly and professionally 24/7/365. Our live virtual receptionists are true professionals with experience and training in exactly how you want your company to be represented. They specialize in inbound call handling, outbound calling, website chat management, order taking, and scheduling appointments.

Customer Service Outsourcing

Customer service outsourcing is designed to utilize third-party service providers to manage communications and interactions between the company and customers. They handle everything from technical support questions to dispatching jobs, order processing to return inquiries. Answer Aide’s customer service professionals are trained on your company's standards, available when you need them, and 100% focused on timely and complete responses, resulting in your customers’ increased satisfaction. In addition, Answer Aide offers omnichannel capabilities such as Voice, Chats, SMS, Email, Live Chat, Social Media, and Support Tickets. Most answering service companies don't provide those capabilities. Answer Aide is a turnkey solution for your customer service solutions.

What is most important to your business? If you answered bottom-line revenue, you get partial credit. If you answered customer satisfaction, you get full credit. If you understand why, then I have done a good job with this article. To be clear, though, customer satisfaction results in higher revenue for your company. Step one in satisfying clients is to treat them like they are the most important thing-- because they are. A potential client will move on to another company if, when they call, they can't reach anyone. And an existing client will quickly bail if they don't get the attention they deserve. Not only does Answer Aide increase your customer satisfaction, but they save you money while doing that. We help companies expand and grow without needing to increase their budget or number of employees.