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While the past two years saw digital enablement hit an all-time high, perhaps the most impactful was the forced transition to remote work brought to the fore by the pandemic. With workforces facing unprecedented disruption across many industries, call centers were caught unprepared in the face of the global crisis. Prior to the pandemic, the contact center space was predictable and manageable, with all agents working from one place. Soon, a new norm was unleashed: work from anywhere. As this remote work setup was implemented, albeit with some hiccups, customer service agents toed the line swiftly responding to the unprecedented call volumes stemming from changes in consumer behavior. With agents working from home, the office, or on a hybrid model, contact center managers found it challenging to communicate with them, evaluate their performance metrics, and motivate them in a meaningful way to maintain customer satisfaction goal targets.

Enter Korbyt. In today’s dynamic and evolving new normal, Korbyt is at the epicenter of ushering digital transformation for the contact center of tomorrow.

Improved Workplace Connectivity Leads to Greater Productivity

Equipping modern call centers with superior workplace connectivity and the ability to deliver consistent realtime data is Korbyt Anywhere, the leading workplace experience platform that drives improved workforce productivity and better business outcomes. “We can reach any employee anywhere delivering either content in the form of communications, data to increase productivity, or safety type content to protect the workers,” says Gregg Apirian, Chief Experience Officer at Korbyt. “Productive and engaged agents along with informed managers translate to happy customers and increased revenue—which is our ultimate goal.”

Powering the hybrid workplace experience, Korbyt Anywhere delivers relevant, personalized content to everyone in the workplace in an omnichannel fashion through digital channels or devices such as digital signage screens, kiosks, desktops, and mobile devices. At the core of this platform lies an intelligent content management system that allows contact centers to integrate with any data source to create, format, and style real-time contact center data to deliver personalized agent and manager KPI dashboards on signage wallboards, desktop screens or mobile devices. When our customers can enable a personalized experience for their agents and managers there are significant increases realized in their productivity and customer satisfaction,” adds Apirian.

Virtual Call Center Agents? We’ve Got an App for That.

When the pandemic hit and remote working became the norm, call centers needed a new and immediate way to reach the now virtual agents and managers. To this end Korbyt Anywhere’s desktop application, which proved to be advantageous for numerous call centers during the pandemic, can be preinstalled on an agent’s or manager’s desktop or laptop. Agents sign into the app for authentication and can view all relevant data pertaining to their calls in queue and time spent on calls to ascertain their productivity in terms of working with customers to address their needs quickly and efficiently.

Another key value proposition is managers can see, in real-time, the performance of individual agents or their entire team and configure automated notifications, alerts, and messaging to assist them with personalized coaching to achieve their goals. The differentiator is ultimately personalization that helps the agents perform better because the data they are seeing is related to their goals and performance, keeping them more informed, aligned, and productive.

Furthermore, the desktop application can push data or communications meant for everyone in the contact center or targeted to an employee, specific to their role, location, behaviors, or interests. “The hallmarks of the platform, in a nutshell, are the reach, personalization, data visualization, productivity, and measurement that it renders to agents and managers working from home or office,” says Trevor White, VP Strategic Accounts at Korbyt.

Ultimate Connectivity with Unparalleled Integrations

Apirian draws attention to the common scenario of contact centers spread across multiple locations operating on different or older technologies. The traditional technologies in the contact center still have value in the ecosystem, but do have limited capability to merge multiple real-time data sources into a single, streamlined dashboard interface.

We can reach any employee anywhere delivering either content in the form of communications, data to increase productivity, or safety type content to protect the workers

Korbyt Anywhere acts as a valuable complement to existing contact center technologies.

Korbyt Anywhere already has hundreds of integrations with both cloud and on-premise data sources, enterprise systems, and business applications— such as Amazon Connect, Avaya, Genesis, Five9, Salesforce, Workday, and ServiceNow, to name a few— making it easy for agents to access personalized data and applications to manage their individual performance while managers have access to their personalized data and applications to manage their teams performance. “We can bring all those disparate data sources and locations together under a single technology platform, which means IT has less to manage and maintain because now they’re on a cloud-based platform. Korbyt Anywhere also offers on-premise or hybrid deployment solutions too,” says Ben Johnston, Vice President of Professional Services. “Every customer has different security requirements and preferences and we can offer them a choice, as opposed to some of our competitors that can only offer one or the other.”

In an implementation highlight, a global BPO with multiple clients wanted to determine how they were performing against each SLA. With the new Korbyt Anywhere platform delivering the relevant information, they could gauge their performance against the SLAs in real-time and adjust either the number of agents or the automation aspects. The platform’s easy-to-use and intuitive drag and drop features allowed administrators to integrate with data sources, style and format the dashboards, interfaces, and configure automation by defining rules that correlate to the businesses’ KPIs and directs attention to key areas, positively impacting customer service outcomes.

The Future Looks Bright for Workplace Experience

The Korbyt Anywhere platform continues to evolve with new features being released in quick succession. The company delivered a major release this summer with a redesign of the content management system and improvements in usability and visual design, aligning it more to their brand and customer’s feedback.

The platform also realized significant enhancements to another feature called Space Management for companies planning their return to office initiatives. Companies can upload maps of their buildings and floors to set regions and capacity. Employees coming back to office, for one or three days a week, are able to find and reserve different workspaces knowing that they’re within safety guidelines and work where they feel the most comfortable and productive.

Apirian completes the picture by adding, “Contact centers have traditionally been focused on using digital signage wallboards delivering data to drive productivity and now they have the opportunity to transform into the anywhere workplace by personalizing the agent and manager experience with Korbyt Anywhere’s desktop solutions. The next big greenfield opportunity for the contact center is to explore using Korbyt Anywhere’s mobile application and new web experience for similar use cases. Their experience is fully personalized by letting the employee choose the channel or device they want to consume data and information, so that they’re most productive versus giving them only one or two options.”

Today, Korbyt is buoyed by stellar growth and a high customer retention rate, a reflection of its exemplary solutions that deliver immense value. As a provider of choice, Korbyt is truly disrupting the contact center industry.


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Gregg Apirian, Chief Experience Officer; Mark King, Vice President of Sales Europe and Ben Johnston, Vice President of Professional Services

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