Voxcentrix: Giving Voice to Success

Joe Andere, Executive Vice President
“At the end of the day people won’t remember what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel.”―Maya Angelou

That’s precisely what Voxcentrix focuses on, the passion for creating an amazing customer experience keeps the company going.

Arguably, some call centers today do not enjoy the best reputation and while choosing a contact center vendor can pose a significant risk to your reputation, it is also an opportunity for businesses to achieve excellence in spite of the vertical not being an area of core competency.

Among several reasons an enterprise would choose to outsource its contact center customer service, flexibility and adaptability to change is amongst the top reasons. With the unpredictability of marketplace unveiling new challenges on a daily basis, a partner with the ability to scale up or down and to service diverse programs enables businesses to successfully deliver quality customer service in an easy and an efficient manner. With more than a decade of experience in delivering high-performance telephone and computer-based customer service solutions, Voxcentrix has grown to be that expert partner for businesses requiring US-based contact center solutions.

“Our vision is to become brand ambassadors,” says Joe Andere, Executive Vice President of Voxcentrix, elaborating that the company believes in empowering its agents to become brand ambassadors to their clients’ brand. We are embodying the brand culture and mission while honorably representing the brand. Voxcentrix offers inbound and outbound customer service, appointment setting, technical support, sales, and order taking, among several others.

Alongside enabling enterprises to overcome the most critical challenges of delivering quality services in a variety of locations and an efficient fashion, Voxcentrix also eliminates the concerns of “decreased cost for improved quality” and legal exposures. Interestingly, the company enables these advantages through its nearshore approach, as it can help mitigate the US local/state minimum wage upswing, and a drastic cost reduction up to 50 to 70 percent lower than any organization’s currently fully loaded employee expense in the U.S.
While nearshoring enables Voxcentrix’s clients as little or as much control of the operations as needed, it’s the most viable option offering a cost-effective and time saving foreign satellite center for greater on-site presence opportunities and executive productivity.

With their fully integrated, tailored solutions, Voxcentrix offers a bilingual and bicultural workforce aligned with US values, armed with state-of-the-art technology and connectivity. A company, to which Voxcentrix served with its 20 agents three years ago, has continued to increase its revenue straight up to 30 percent every year, alongside involving more agents each year. Significantly reduced cost in executing overall operations coupled with increased quality customer service forms the fundamental ingredients of Voxcentrix’ success story.

Currently handling 80 percent of this client’s operations, Voxcentrix is “not just a vendor, but a true partner,” adds Andere.

What’s also noteworthy is the company’s ISO 27001 IEEC 2013 certification, PCI, and HIPAA compliance, ensuring no legal exposures— being compliant with all foreign regulations, employees, and taxes—all while maintaining complete control and its clients’ business culture, their policies, protocols, training, and directives.

What started as a small venture to help businesses through improved contact center customer service with 50 stations has today grown to a state-of-the-art contact center with over 350 stations. Voxcentrix intends to increase this number to 500 by the end of 2018. With its sustainable growth, the organization also looks forward to a continuous training of its supervisors, managers, and agents or “Brand Ambassadors” as they like to call them, while aiming at expanding its worldwide footprint. With its culture revolving around passion, commitment, innovation, and teamwork, Voxcentrix believes in being not just an outsource vendor for its clients, but be a part of the businesses as an extended family, while ensuring high-quality customer experience, with a regulated, efficient, and affordable solution.


Tijuana, B.C.

Joe Andere, Executive Vice President

Specializes in delivering high-performance telephone and computer-based customer service contact center solutions