Thrio: Powering Customer Communication with Cloud and Data

A large payment collection agency in Los Angeles hires five diverse communication solution providers to avail telephony, chatting, fax, SMS, and predictive dialing services as a part of their customer engagement strategy. All the five vendors employ human agents for contact center activities such as sending SMS and chatting. The result turns out to be a disaster as the collection firm’s contact center expenditure spirals out of control. Aiming to tackle the challenge of spiraling cost, the decision makers at the collection agency join hands with Thrio. What follows later highlights Thrio’s value proposition. With theircomplete omnichannel contact center suite, Thrio tackles the problem of excessive cost expenditure through economical call routing. The AI-driven virtual conversational agents built into the suite send out payment notification, hold conversations to accept payments, and negotiate the payment terms with the customers. Eventually, Thrio’scomplete contact center suite empowers the client to improve the conversation with their customers and reduce the phone bill by 50 percent. “Thrio has eliminated the reliance on decade-old contact center programs and products by leveraging new technologies for the contact center of this age,” says Ran Ezerzer, CTO of Thrio.

With chatbots built by Thrio, businesses can engage their customers via different mediums such as web-based chats, Facebook Messenger, SMS, or email. Thrio’s platform improves the interaction with each customer by suggesting customized response templates based on previous interactions. Additionally, the platform connects agents and customers if their personalities match and paves the way for better customer engagement. “Our chatbot replaces multiple contact solutions and manages communication of any kind,” adds Ran.

As businesses strive to stay competitive, one aspect that can create significant hurdles is compliance. With Thrio, companies can simplify the complex processes involved in compliance and remain focused on their core activities. For instance, a finance company had employed two personnel to listen to the recordings of their agents’ conversation with the customers, file scorecard, and ensure compliance.
With in-built functionality to transcribe the calls, the client could analyze the compliance issues in any call and quickly assign a supervisor to rectify the mistake after the end of the call.

Thrio recognizes the indispensability of data analysis to operate within the regulatory framework and thus utilizes BigQuery to quickly query massive data. The firm not just facilitates faster querying but also offers data storage for a period of 10+ years, unlike other contact center solution providers that charge higher fees for storing information even for six months. As a safety measure, Thrio stores the data in multiple locations spread across continents in the encrypted format.

Thrio’s complete contact center suite requires zero installation and lets users access all functionalities through a web browser, regardless of their location. Additionally, clients can begin contact center activities by utilizing the pay as you go payment model that suits their on-demand scaling needs. Thrio ensures 24/7 service availability and military grade data security by implementing its platform in Google Cloud and AWS. Clients can easily integrate the suite with their existing CRM suite that gives them added the advantage of rich data.

So far, the company has remarkably delivered 100 percent uptime for its customers. Recently, Thrio’s contact center suite replaced a U.S. based company’s existing suite of solutions and ensured zero downtime while supporting over 250,000+ minutes of monthly inbound calling. Thrionow looks forward to introducing this cutting-edge solution to a broader customer care, lead generation and collections audience focused on top line growth and improved performance.


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Ran Ezerzer, CTO

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