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Vasili Triant, CEO
"No longer the borders of our country dictate the limits of our businesses,” expresses Vasili Triant, CEO, Serenova. A 20 years customer service and telecommunications veteran and visionary, Triant observes that today, the businesses are in a marathon race to enter new markets and expand their presence in different parts of the world. “However, a globally mushrooming business should not limit its contact center with on-premise infrastructure that requires buying more systems and round-the-clock maintenance—resulting in increased cost; issues relating to scalability, call quality, latency; and inferior customer support,” remarks Triant. Serenova helps businesses transform their on-premise contact center into a truly cloud contact center. The company rapidly deploys an instantly scalable, true multi-tenant contact center solution hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), delivering unmatched quality of service, flexibility and business results.

With over 16 years of experience in the contact center space, Serenova is revolutionizing the contact center arena with its flagship product—CxEngage, an always-on, highly secure, true multi-tenant, and instantly scalable Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) platform. It addresses the day-to-day challenges faced by almost every contact center in terms of call quality and latency issues, unnecessary telco fees, and limitations on scalability. The platform supports voice, email, chat, SMS, social, and work items and integrates with the CRM for seamless data exchange. “Our intuitive interface simplifies engagement for all stakeholders, improving time to production and reducing training requirements.”

CxEngage is based on the industry’s most massively open API architecture, enabling customers to use it in its standard format out of the box to effortlessly integrate it with their existing systems and instantly scale to meet demand without sacrificing performance, reliability, or security. The platform also offers additional tools that allow customers to self build any type of configuration and call or channel handling that they want. The API commands make it fully dynamic, enabling customers to easily provision new tenants, add agents, modify flows, and build custom reports and dashboards.

Serenova is revolutionizing the contact center arena with its flagship product—CxEngage

Regardless of the number of agents a contact center has or, where they are located, Serenova’s true cloud contact center helps them scale anytime, anywhere—in an instant. For instance, a transportation company wanted to blend their legacy contact methods like voice calling with advanced mediums like SMS, chat, and email as they were entering into new markets. To serve their global customers, the client wanted to scale agents at a moment’s notice without the phone system. Thereby they contacted Serenova. After collaborating with the company, the client was able to address customers’ need emerging from multiple countries, with the ability to scale at moment’s notice across multiple customer-interaction channels. The company also deployed WebRTC embedded into the client’s system, “With which all they need to do is add a user in the system, open a browser, login and instantly become a voice agent, an email agent, or a webchat agent,” explains Triant.

The fact that Serenova successfully puts organizations in command of their customer experience with a smart, powerful, and highly reliable contact center platform is possible through the company’s smart workforce that drives its core value. Working diligently with these brilliant minds, Serenova has recently launched its innovative and advanced agent interface—Skylight. This new advancement is a part of CxEngage and provides native email, social, messaging, chat, voice, and customer contact management to the agent in a more intuitive interface. Supported by a team of amazing individuals, Triant is determined to continue addressing the growing needs of the contact center arena, and augmenting its user interface enhancements for its customers.


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Vasili Triant, CEO

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