SOFTEL Communications: Driving Customer Loyalty through Innovation

John Cognata, President
In today’s customer-centric business world, organizations are investing heavily in contact center technologies to better address end-user needs. But the increasing sophistication and diversity of contact center technologies pose big challenges for businesses to ensure a superior customer experience. With strong expertise across major technology platforms such as Avaya, Genesys, Microsoft, and Cisco, SOFTEL Communications has been helping businesses integrate multi-platform contact center technologies. “At SOFTEL, we believe contact centers play an ever more important role in building brand loyalty with existing as well as prospective customers,” says John Cognata, President, SOFTEL.

Over the past 20 years, SOFTEL has been helping businesses attain application and infrastructure integration excellence in a multi-channel and multi-platform environment. Companies ranging from small and medium to large enterprises leverage SOFTEL’s knowledge and expertise in building intuitive customer interaction solutions. In more and more instances, Microsoft Skype for Business (SfB) customers are utilizing SOFTEL’s Genesys platform expertise to integrate or implement SfB native solutions with a customer’s new or existing Genesys system. “From our earliest days, we took steps to ensure that we didn’t fall into that trap of being a ‘Jack of all trades, Master of none,’ which has plagued other integrators. Today, our team is highly experienced in Microsoft and Cisco solutions for the enterprise,” says Cognata.

The company’s contact center solutions support omnichannel implementations across various technology platforms in a secure manner. Its SOFTEL Secure—an innovative security solution—supports biometrics systems such as facial recognition and voice recognition. While the security solution validates identities within seconds through voice and facial biometrics implemented on personal computers, smartphones, or call center systems, the platform comes with various advanced options that enable businesses to customize it to their requirement. These security arrangements play a critical role in a world where customer journey is streamlined with the help of massive volumes of data and the nascent Internet of Things (IoT) technology.

At SOFTEL, we believe contact centers play an ever more important role in building brand loyalty with existing as well as prospective customers

SOFTEL is excited about the role big data and IoT technology will play in the contact center arena and its overall impact on customer interactions. The company currently uses big data architecture along with analytics capabilities built into the contact centers to develop best practices in exploring the interactions between devices, businesses, and customers. “We are developing applications required to connect IoT devices to business processes,” says Cognata. By integrating data from various sources, contact centers can be transformed to act as a Command Center—a place to handle the interactions of massive data.

Cognata and his team have built a virtual receptionist kiosk app, SOFTEL SOFIA, based on Microsoft Skype for Business and IoT. The app helps businesses manage the visitors in a better manner through instant messaging, voice, or video sessions. As a platform for building enhanced customer engagement, SOFIA has been helping organizations, from healthcare and manufacturing industries, deliver better customer experience while driving business results. “We evolved from a contact center company to a solution developer that understands business problems and processes that specifically involve communications,” asserts Cognata.

With support for major cloud platforms including Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and AWS, the company empowers businesses to deliver better customer experiences. “We’re an organization with expertise around multi-platform integration,” states Cognata. While the technology environment around contact center matures, SOFTEL ensures it has its fingers on the pulse of the contact center industry—enabling businesses to build better relations with customers.

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John Cognata, President

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