Mattersight [NASDAQ:MATR]: Redefining the Customer-Agent Connect

Kelly Conway, President & CEO
Today, with the proliferation of various interaction channels to capture and leverage new sources of insights and improve customer experience, multi-channel call centers are evolving into cross-channel. Alongside, technological advancements like mobile applications, use of big data, and social media are empowering clients with additional tools and resources to make purchases. As a result, businesses are focusing more on listening and engaging customers better across multiple channels. Mattersight [NASDAQ:MATR] steps in this tumultuous scenario with its personality-based SaaS applications, to help clients and agents connect better by analyzing and predicting customer behavior based on the language exchanged during service and sales interactions. “We analyze conversations, unstructured data that people have and use them to understand our customers better,” explains Kelly Conway, President and CEO, Mattersight. With the help of proprietary algorithms and unique behavioral models, the firm facilitates real-time connections between customers and the agents to derive meaningful insights.

Mattersight Predictive Behavioral Routing enables users to decrease Average Talk Time (ATT) by as much as five minutes, increase First Caller Resolution (FCR) by more than 30 percent, and accelerate sales conversions in a short span of time. The application evaluates the clients’ natural predispositions and communication preferences to determine the best-available agents to communicate with the customers.

The Mattersight Performance Coaching, with the help of deep data analytics drills down to specific behaviors of individual agents and the insights enable the company to understand people’s behavioral profiles, preferences and appoint agents to handle their problems accordingly. Users can seamlessly decrease customer attrition, improve closing rate for sales and reduce customer service cost. The web-based coaching portal of the application has heat maps which empowers the agents and their supervisors to identify the gaps in the conversation and improve performance for a better interaction with customers.

Our mission is to dominate the market and fulfill the emerging requirements for personality-based applications

Mattersight Predictive Analytics allows users to combine existing call center data with new interaction insight to assign a predictive score to each call. The data scientists by capturing, analyzing, and decoding every second of the customer-agent conversation can predict the Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT), Net Promoter Score (NPS), customer effort and churn rate.

Mattersight Quality Monitoring application provides an “easy button” for quality teams struggling with complex business requirements and expanding workloads. The application allows the firm to create more of a standardized scoring mechanism on every call. The customers are bestowed with a web-based platform that offers customizable forms and an intuitive interface for call and desktop video playback. Auditors can augment their existing forms and workflows with an Assignment Engine that intelligently selects the best calls to audit by looking across employee needs and organizational priorities. The company implemented the Quality Monitoring application to assist a client in the healthcare sector and improve its quality and effectiveness of their medical claims operations. The client noticed a slowdown of the individual processing time but was not able to identify the specific causes of the problem. Mattersight’s provided the clients with a customized framework which improved the quality and effectiveness of their operations. A detailed analysis of previously uncaptured desktop activity brought a new level of clarity to how agents were spending their time. The output of this analysis was delivered to supervisors in real time, through a dynamic performance dashboard.

Moving ahead, the company is planning to leverage the data and analytics tools that it has built and help clients to communicate better. “We will continue to analyze linguistics, conversations and harness its knowledge to help our clients improve their relationships with their customers,” concludes Conway.


Chicago, IL

Kelly Conway, President & CEO

Analyzes and predicts customer behavior based on the language exchanged during service and sales interactions with personality-based SaaS applications

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