Inference: Revamping Traditional Telephony Infrastructures

Callan Schebella, CEO
Today, enterprises are striving to restructure their telephony frameworks from a traditional premise-based model to a cloud-based model. The vast array of features that contact center cloud solutions offer such as speech recognition, voice biometrics, and outbound dialing, have had many companies embrace the cloud. Migration to the cloud does not need to be challenging for enterprises. Inference, a provider of cloud-based call automation and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solutions has been assisting companies migrate to the cloud with a hassle free end-user experience while lowering operating costs. “We offer a variety of features in a browser-based framework, plugging the gaps in cloud migration,” explains its CEO, Callan Schebella.

The company’s flagship product, Inference Studio is a no-code voice automation solution that helps clients develop simple yet sophisticated services like speech recognition and biometrics. “Clients can select the technologies they want to use, including those offered by other cloud vendors and pool them together in one easy to use environment,” adds Schebella. It offers over 30 different nodes or building blocks of technologies that can be put together. “Our tenet is: Have an idea, build it in 90 seconds,” asserts Schebella. This browser-based studio is distributed to clients through their choice of carriers or service providers. “The ability to deliver solutions on carriers or networks means that the quality of service problem is effectively solved.”

Inference Studio offers everything from designing to testing and deployment with speed and agility. It also provides advanced features such as outbound dialing and virtual queuing, allowing callers to hold their queue. “We also offer the ability to provide data from the IVR to the call center agent, so that when a caller connects to the agent, he/she does not have to repeat the information,” explains Schebella. Inference’s solution enables its clients to cut down large costs that were typical to traditional premise based models.

The ability to deliver solutions on carriers or networks means that the quality of service problem is effectively solved

“Customers can design their own solution, which is fully under their control at low cost,” adds Schebella.

The company holds a strong foothold in the market owing to its ‘no-code environment’ that allows users to design and execute ideas within minutes. Over the years, Inference has helped a number of companies overcome their contact center challenges. For instance, Toyota, with more than 800 stores throughout North America with each having a different location, working hours and needs, uses over 800 different IVRs. The automotive giant had over time utilized several platforms to handle the contact center activities, which had become increasingly cost prohibitive and inconsistent. Eventually, they approached Inference to shift all their call handling to the cloud. “We helped Toyota move 800 different IVRs to a single centrally managed IVR on their carrier, with no degradation in quality,” explains Schebella. The centrally managed solution empowered every aspect of Toyota’s telephony structure— reliability, flexibility, simplicity, and cost effectiveness.

Inference’s plan for the coming years is to relocate its headquarters from Australia to the U.S. “There are a multitude of service providers operating in the U.S., giving us more opportunities to provide our solutions to an increasing demand in the marketplace,” says Schebella. The company also aims to penetrate into Asia, Latin America, and Europe to meet the rising needs of cloud migration in the contact center arena.


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Callan Schebella, CEO

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