Content Guru: Evolving the Contact Center into the Customer Engagement Hub

Sean Taylor, CEO
Nobody would challenge that today’s communications are faster and more widespread than ever before.

Mobile technologies, social media and the use of the Internet continue to drive technological advancement at an unprecedented rate and provide the foundation for a 2016 saturated with digital communications. An increasingly heavy adoption of channels such as Instant Messaging (IM), web and social media as well as innovations such as smart devices are forcing organizations to transform the way they communicate with customers and colleagues.

“The humble contact center has become the mission-critical customer engagement hub,” notes Sean Taylor, CEO of Content Guru. “Consumers are now used to accessing the information they need, whenever, wherever and in whichever way they want it. The idea of having to wait in a queue for a call center during working hours, Monday to Friday, or only having access to a website with no communication capability has now been firmly relegated to the past. Organizations need to deliver a consistent service at any time and across every endpoint, while accommodating the unique requirements of every individual.”

A pioneer in multi-channel cloud communications, Content Guru was founded in 2005 in anticipation of the transformative impact of cloud. The company delivers a breadth of services through its storm® platform, which connects people and devices to information—whether this information is provided by a live agent or automated resource. storm unifies all channels of engagement, such as social media, SMS, voice, email, Instant Messaging (IM) and web, within a coherent environment, giving consumers and colleagues the choice of how they interact.

“We entered into cloud over a decade ago—some time before the term was even widely used—and this gave us a great head start in developing our customer engagement suite,” continues Taylor, “Technology is now evolving so quickly that it is no longer viable for businesses to respond to new trends in isolation.

We enable customers to engage with business and government whenever, wherever and in whichever way they choose

storm’s open architecture allows us to integrate with new technologies as they emerge, ensuring that our users can stay ahead of the latest customer engagement trends—for example, we were able to seamlessly incorporate social media as another channel.”

Storm currently delivers services to over 500 large enterprise customers and thousands of SMEs across a range of sectors. The platform has been particularly successful in sectors such as utilities, travel and healthcare which all have mission-critical requirements to rapidly connect customers to information.

“Healthcare is a great example,” cites Taylor, “Health issues can occur at any time and when human life is at stake, it is unacceptable to only offer a 9-5 service. In Europe, storm delivers complex integration with patient information systems to enable automated, multi-channel triaging and efficient routing, ensuring that whenever and however patients interact, they are able to quickly get through to the vital medical information or adviser they require. The customer engagement hub ensures that every interaction is seamless and consistent, underpinning these mission-critical services with mission-critical reliability and always-on availability.”

Currently providing services in over 30 countries, Content Guru has plans to transform the business substantially over the next five years through further international expansion, with a significant growth strategy focusing on the U.S. Furthermore, Taylor is also excited to take advantage of the emergence of the disruptive WebRTC (Web Real-time Communications) technology which has the capability to embed video, call and text communications in web browsers, ushering in the next era of customer engagement.

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Sean Taylor, CEO

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