Ytel: Redefining the Scalability of Contact Centers

CIO VendorMatt Grofsky, CTO/CIO
Voice-based communication is undoubtedly the life-line of almost all contact center businesses today. However, these businesses often face scalability issues that directly contribute to customer dissatisfaction rates. Further, some of these centers have legacy systems in their infrastructure that complicates the scalability dilemma. Providing best-in-class solutions to tackle these challenges is Foothill Ranch, CA, based Ytel®, whose solutions usher in an era of software power and sophistication never before seen in a cloud contact center, which completely redefines efficiency, agent productivity, and improved key performance indicators (KPIs).“We have a dedicated team at Ytel, that focus on ‘placing the customer first’ by constantly monitoring their needs,” says Matt Grofsky, CTO, Ytel.

The company’s innovative Cloud Contact Center® platform—X5—is built to support today’s fast growing communication technologies. X5 is a complete contact center on the cloud aimed at large enterprises. It is a blended outbound and inbound communications platform that can be customized to the varying requirements of clients. With redundant sessions that transfer inbound and outbound calls over multiple data centers and carriers, the solution works seamlessly together, maximizing efficiency. Inbound calls are routed through pre-configured inbound groups like contact center agents, while outbound calls are managed by customer data filters that enable clients to achieve their goals. This helps contact centers to operate at peak performance levels while optimizing cost and providing quality customer interactions. “Our solution guarantees 99.99 percent up-time and high call completion rates on valid numbers.” adds Grofsky.

Ytel enhances X5’s capabilities with apps that integrate with the platform. For example, a plug-in system that allows customers to track sales leads. “There is also an app that allows oversea customers to interact with clients without the barriers of perfecting the ‘Neutral California accent’ that contact centers desire.” mentions Grofsky.
Another solution, SimpleDial, is an entry level turnkey calling system designed for small businesses. With SimpleDial, a single employee or business owner can increase efficiency by making up-to 400 percent more calls in an hour while never having to worry about additional usage costs. The solution consists of a cloud platform that does not require the utilization of contact center agents, or inbound groups. All these solutions are supported with limitless scaling, and features like hosted call recordings, unique dispositions, and customizable drag and drop dashboards.

Working closely with clients in various verticals like healthcare, mortgage, and insurance, the company has many success stories tied to its name. For instance, Ytel had a client who faced difficulties in contacting their customers through voice based communication systems. In order to solve this issue, Ytel suggested an alternative communication method—SMS. “Based on certain dispositions, we sent an SMS to the client’s customers who had wireless mobile devices to receive the text messages,” Grofsky reckons. Though the client initially had a 20 percent contact rate, using Ytel’s solutions, the contact rate touched 75 percent, contributing to their ROI.

Going forward, the company plans to release their new product, message 360°®—a Unified Communications API™ that helps communicate with customers in a 360 degree view. Not only will message360° integrate with all Ytel products, but it will be available as a standalone product as well. The natural scripting language allows you to develop applications from scratch with speed and efficiency while also allowing the modifications of existing applications. “message360° is going to power modern communications for SMS, call, mail, email, chat, and social applications,” concludes Grofsky.


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Matt Grofsky, CTO/CIO

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