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CIO VendorTerry Saeger, Senior Vice President & General Manager
Terry Saeger, Senior Vice President at VoltDelta, compares his company’s work culture with his passion for golf and says, “In golf, planning each shot requires a tremendous amount of creativity and innovation. It is a game of honesty, integrity and respect. At VoltDelta, we combine these core values to deliver excellence.” Headquartered in Pittsford, NY, VoltDelta is a cloud contact center provider that aims at combining efficiency with creativity to answer an important question overarching the contact center industry: ‘How does the technology impact the larger brand and the reputation of the company?’ “Contact centers will continue to play a leading and exceptionally visible role in protecting and developing a company’s brand image. As a contact center provider, we offer solutions that enable organizations to more effectively interact with their customers using a broad range of communication channels, which is the very foundation of building brand loyalty” asserts Saeger.

With more than three decades of experience, the company has the ability to help customers overcome technology implementation challenges. VoltDelta’s cloud-based technology has a proven track record with its unique value of cost savings, plus reliable and scalable performance for expected and unexpected customer call volumes. VoltDelta’s DeltaACD virtual contact center service provides a feature set of skills-based routing, centralized management and control of remote agents, and multi-channel integration among others. “Delta ACD 2.0 is highly secure. We are PCI Level 1 DSS 2.0 certified for the entire platform, so any customer that uses our platform benefits from that security,” said Saeger.

The firm has extended expertise in creating engagement within voice self-service, and also includes call plus agent screen recording which is an integral part of the cloud contact center service platform. VoltDelta’s innovative ‘CrystalWAVE’ technology enhances speech recognition by enabling more complex dialogs without the burden of frequent tuning costs.

Customers now expect to get help using many different methods to reach their vendor. VoltDelta offers a multichannel solution to help meet these expectations.
“Along with fully integrated chat, emails, inbound and outbound interactive voice response, and mobile application integration, the solution also integrates with many CRM systems including Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce.com, and Oracle CX Cloud,” says Saeger.

With a reputation of delivering reliable service, VoltDelta provides cloud contact center solutions to customers in over 55 countries around the globe in many industries For instance; one of the largest U.S. prepaid debit card company turned to VoltDelta to reliably handle calls during peak times. The customer believed they were experiencing a 25 percent increase in call traffic during tax season, but they soon found out that was really a 300 percent increase. The prior vendor was dropping a substantial number of calls without the knowledge of the customer. It wasn’t until they deployed VoltDelta’s cloud contact center platform when they discovered this. Additionally, they achieve a 90 percent voice self service completion rate with VoltDelta’s platform. That was a 33 percent increase from the previous solution. “Consequently, the client had a better view of the scale and scope of their business trend during tax season and at the end of the day, they have higher customer satisfaction,” added Saeger.

VoltDelta’s innovative approach and the ownership of its core intellectual property for the ACD platform allow them to innovate uniquely. “We have a carrier legacy that gives us a different view on the operating platform using in-house intellectual property and deep IT integration capability,” says Saeger.

We are PCI Level 1 DSS 2.0 certified on the entire platform, so any customer that uses our platform benefits from that security

Moving ahead, VoltDelta envisages pursuing its core value of innovation. “We are working on improved speech recognition and analytics and creating a more intuitive user interface for enhanced performance. We believe that the user interface and the way people interact with our technology are going to be one among the key innovations for the next 18 months,” Saeger concludes.


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Terry Saeger, Senior Vice President & General Manager

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