VanillaSoft: Increasing Productivity of Inside Sales Teams with Contact Center Automation

David Hood, Co-founder and CEO
Over the past few years, the sales environment has witnessed a dynamic shift due to numerous factors: outside sales teams moving to or being assisted by inside sales teams, the rise of ever-changing technology to increase productivity, and an unprecedented amount of purchasing information available to prospects about their buying choices. Today, companies have to find the right marketing and sales mix to reach their optimal sales production.

First of all, though the phone remains an important tool for driving business, phone conversations must now be combined with other communication methods. Another critical issue facing contact center managers is the implementation of viable tools to manage remote sales agents. In addition, businesses and consumers expect quick responses to their needs and queries. Today’s tools must be effective in enabling sales teams to reach their prospects swiftly and respond fully to their requests for information requirements. They must efficiently manage follow up to increase customer retention and satisfaction.

Outbound contact centers are looking for a best-in-class, sales-by-phone software to fulfill their needs and solve challenges. VanillaSoft fills the void. Based in Plano, TX, VanillaSoft was founded in 2003 with the primary mission to be an easy outbound sales-by-phone software that leverages CRM, lead management, and telemarketing applications to drive some of the most productive contact center environments today.

VanillaSoft has been at the forefront of driving productivity and call quality in outbound contact centers. It offers a robust set of tools such as scripting, data collection, progressive dialing, emailing, individualized filters, and much more, to allow contact center sales teams to effectively manage and communicate with their sales pipeline. This wide range of sales tools is built on top of its unique queue-based routing technology that keeps prospects and leads in constant motion.
Email automation helps companies to stay in front of their customers and prospects between phone calls. VanillaSoft combines product excellence with outstanding customer support, and considers it paramount to the company’s success. It understands that supplying the right platform is just half the work and that it is equally important to ensure that clients know how to effectively leverage the tools available in order to boost their productivity and increase sales.

VanillaSoft has improved on many of the main weaknesses of the traditional outbound contact center CRM software when it comes to doing sales by phone. “CRM systems that are used throughout most industries were built on the idea of always falling back to a list. This does not fit the needs of inside sales managers or salespeople, as this approach does not increase productivity, lead to more consistent follow up, or increase the speed to lead. VanillaSoft built its system from the ground up on a dynamic, queue-based technology that drives the inside sales process forward to achieve all of these goals,” explains David.

The Roadmap

VanillaSoft already has a strong presence in North America and internationally, and plans further expansion into Europe, Australia, and Asia. In the near future, VanillaSoft will unveil its new total view interface that will enable sales teams to have unparalleled access to important information while on a contact screen.

VanillaSoft’s queue-based technology has surpassed traditional list-based systems for inside sales teams with greater speed to lead, productivity, and follow up


Plano, TX

David Hood, Co-founder and CEO

VanillaSoft enables thousands of inside sales teams to reach “best-in-class” performance through its outbound contact center software