3CLogic: Tackling the Challenges of Today’s Contact Centers

CIO VendorRaj Sharma, President & CEO
In a world where the customer experience has become just as important, if not more so than the products or services themselves, today’s businesses face a tall set of challenges trying to keep-up with the average consumer. More technologically savvy, more informed, and more demanding, organizations are in a race to adopt the latest software and solutions to help facilitate the acquisition or retention of the customers they hold dear. But as companies continue to implement the newest data management platforms (CRM, Ticketing, and WFM), at the center of it all is a renewed focus and emphasis on the modern-day contact center to help deliver or receive the message. Among those leading solutions answering the call is Rockville, Maryland-based 3CLogic.

Offering a complete suite of inbound, outbound, and blended cloud contact center solutions, 3CLogic designed its products to provide the flexibility and scalability businesses require to remain competitive. Whether addressing the needs of the sales agent with its predictive dialing capabilities or improving first call resolutions rates for customer service representatives (CSRs) with its diverse list of third-party integration options (CRM, WFM, WFO, and Ticketing), the company has been a leader in its space with no signs of slowing down. “We live in a multichannel world with consumers using three to four different channels to communicate, and they want to be able to switch between channels without having to repeat the information they gave to the original CSR” states Raj Sharma, President and CEO of 3CLogic. “But to simply have the right communications platform to do this is only half the battle. You also need the right tools and data point integrations to offer businesses a complete view into what drives customer needs and how to respond or prepare accordingly”. Complemented by a number of advanced features including Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), Progressive and Preview Dialing, Skills-based routing, Dynamic Scripting, and Advanced business intelligence, 3CLogic’s solutions offer
everything expected of a modern-day contact center but with the ability to cater to companies of all sizes and across industries.

3CLogic’s solutions offer everything expected of a modern-day contact center with the ability to cater to companies of all sizes and across industries

However, unlike most of its cloud counterparts or on-premise cousins, 3CLogic boasts a distributed architecture to both power and support the many services and features it provides its customers. Having recognized the shortfalls of both on-premise and certain cloud platforms, including service disruptions, capacity restrictions, and bandwidth bottlenecks, 3CLogic’s solutions combine the power of cloud with edge computing to create its Virtual Telephony Application Grid (V-TAG). Distributing the burden of certain data functions and tasks across a “private network” (in the form of agent PCs and mobile devices), V-TAG effectively liberates the cloud to perform only the crucial tasks that otherwise cannot be performed at the “edge”, offering enterprises greater control, uptime, and flexibility. 3CLogic even put its unique architecture to the test with an independent benchmarking firm, the Tolly Group, only to pass with flying marks.

What Will Tomorrow Look Like?
The ongoing rapid evolution of communication is likely to continue to have an immediate effect on tomorrow’s contact centers and the solutions supporting them. It’s a challenge 3CLogic is excited to address and is already planning for with future enhancements to its product offerings such as WebRTC, video capabilities, enhanced reporting capabilities, and more.


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Raj Sharma, President & CEO and Denis Seynhaeve, Chairman of the Board

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