20 Most Promising Contact Center Technology Solution Providers - 2018

20 Most Promising Contact Center Technology Solution Providers - 2018

A reminder of just how much digital technology has changed telecommunications over the past few years. The digital transformation in the contact center solution space has created some motivating proximity between the consumer and commercial worlds. Currently, the demand is to have all means of communication available from far and wide via web-based platforms, delivering a real-time experience on portable devices.

Conventional telephone-based call centers still just about hold sway, but the pursuit to integrate Omni-channel options is gearing up. We are seeing that by the influence of futuristic Artificial Intelligence (AI) and IoT technologies scope for self-service and automation are increasing.

In the years running up to 2019, chatbots, virtual assistants, and robotic process automation have changed the customer expectations, and also have changed the roles of customer service agents for the better. But the early growth was made by applying AI to existing business operations. The real augmentation moving forward will be to use AI to create innovative ways to interact with the customer and create completely new markets for products and services.

To help CTOs, CIOs, and CEOs finding the right Contact Center Solution Provider for their enterprises, our selection panel has evaluated hundreds of companies in this segment that offer innovative technologies and outstanding customer service. In our selection, we looked at the vendor’s capability to fulfill the demand for cost-effective and flexible solutions that add value to the contact center landscape.

“We present you CIOReview’s 20 Most Promising Contact Center Technology Solution Providers - 2018.”

Company Name

Company Description

BlueLeap BlueLeap delivers revenue-accelerating results, where communications and customer converge
CCT Solutions CCT Solutions provides total Unified Communications and Contact Center Integration Solutions for large and medium size Enterprises
EducationFolder Provides cloud-based software solution for contact centers
Empirix Provides enterprise and carrier grade products as well as quality assurance products for contact centers
Fenero Providing unique contact center solutions aiming to change the way global businesses approach and pay for their contact center solutions
FIVE9 Five9 is a leading provider of cloud contact center software, bringing the power of the cloud to thousands of customers
Ipitimi IPitimi is a leading IP services provider merging advanced voice applications with cloud, offering end-to-end IP telephony over one of the largest all IP networks in the world
LocationSmart Provider of cloud-based location services with the most comprehensive cross-carrier platform for location and messaging
Metropolis Develops applications that provide call center data visualizations, alert notifications, dynamic call reporting, toll fraud detection and trunk analysis tools
Mitel Networks With more than 33 million cloud connections daily, Mitel helps businesses connect, collaborate, and take care of their customers
Serenova Serenova offers contact center-as-a-service (CCaaS) and workforce optimizations (WFO) solutions to simplify every aspect of the customer experience to make life easier for contact center executives, their customers and employees
SUMO Communications A trusted third-party broker that helps in the procurement of contact center, collocation, and cloud service providers as per customer requirements
Thrio Offers AI-powered contact center and hosted software
Ubiquity Global Services Provides an IVR platform for an enriched customer experience on top of high grade telephony infrastructure
VICIdial Provider of an open source contact center suite with CRM integration, data encryption, inbound and outbound calls, email, and customer website chat
Voxcentrix Specializes in delivering high-performance telephone and computer-based customer service contact center solutions
Voxjar Voxjar has created an automated call monitoring platform that analyzes 100% of your reps’ phone calls and delivers insights that you can take action on to improve your business
WorkFlex Solutions, LLC The Industry Leader in Intelligent Intraday Automation® for Contact Centers
Yodel Technologies Offers a full suite of AI-powered customizable services to call centers for optimizing their campaigns
Ytel Software Company providing communication solutions for all magnitude industries