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Customer Care and Self-Support Materials: The Ultimate Hybrid

James Ramey, CEO, DeviceBits

The difference between a positive and negative customer service experience sets a standard for the customer care system that a business has implemented. When interacting with customers, their feedback and impressions are the keys to making improved business decisions on a brand’s products and services. Leaving customers unsatisfied can turn them away whereas providing a positive experience keeps them coming back and building a stronger relationship.

Because of the uncertainties that can appear in customer service, it is critical for businesses to become aware of the risks.

What's The Issue?

An 800 number or other customer service hotline to address a customer complaint or question is the usual route in customer care. The issue is that customers can be left sitting tight for quite a while before they are helped because of the amount calls coming in. Many are transferred from one agent to another, frustratingly inputting their personal info each time. Customers can wind up coming irritated and end up giving up and hang up.

  Agents can similarly gain access to this support material to help customers quickly 

High-volume calls, however, are also a downside to the agents themselves. Remaining mindful of the high number of everyday calls, agents can also come across questions outside of their traditional script. Especially with tech-savvy customers nowadays with their digital devices, a number of agents aren't familiar with how to troubleshoot devices that undergo spec upgrades in the blink of an eye. This can result in an unanswered question leaving the agent stumped and the customer unhappy.

The Hybrid Solution

In light of how customers have adapted to technology and have made devices a daily necessity, they are educated with their tech gadgets where they can grasp the idea of using digital assistance for their own means. For agents to help customers if they get a request outside of their script, the splitting of using both agents and digital assistance allows a more positive experience for customers. This prompts another sort of customer care technique using both administrations from agents and materials from self-support online tools. This half and half hybrid brings an advantage to customers and agents resolving problems quicker and more efficiently–with the online support material serving as the common thread.

Customers will have the capacity to resolve their issues through FAQ's, instructional guides and self-troubleshoot as well as other self-support materials as an extra guide without basically wiping out the requirement for an agent. It is more as a progress toward making a call centers more reliable and productive in what they do.

Why This Works?

This mixture to customer support lessens the amount of calls to customer care centers for common questions by empowering customers to push themselves by finding the answers for their issues on the web. This thought of materials for customers to resolve problems themselves enables customers to be helped rapidly and proficiently to the way they want.

Rather than depending on a customer agent for help, a customer can utilize the self-bolster devices online from the brand's website. This is an essential way to deal with self-support process and address the issues customers have. To the customers’ benefit, with less calls coming in, agents can now utilize more time with the customers who have more complex questions about their products or services.

Agents can similarly gain access to this support material to help customers quickly resolve their issues. These materials, which consist of FAQs, guides, tutorials, and product information can take over when a customer service agent isn’t able to answer certain complex questions right away.

This hybrid revolutionizes the way customer care work and provides a more acceptable service for the agents and customers.

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